Social impact

At Better Hearing Australia, we are aware that current research indicates hearing loss and inability to hear and communicate effectively – the impact of hearing loss – can have a serious and significant effect on individuals and their communities.

People with hearing loss may have difficulty participating in employment, education and social activities.

Getting the right audiological and clinical help is part of our mission.

Help for you

Your nearest Better Hearing Australia State branch or office can help you with independent, free and low-cost services.

The social and economic impact of hearing loss

While can be highly significant at a personal level by many Australians, hearing loss also has a financial cost for Australia.

Recent data shows hearing loss to the economy was almost $14 billion. The facts are:

  • nearly half people with hearing loss are of working age
  • More than a third of people with partial and total hearing loss are not in the labour force

Research has found that people with hearing loss on average earn less money and average weekly incomes vary based on an individual’s capacity to hear.