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Hearing Technology

Better Hearing Australia is a national organisation for all people in Australia with hearing loss or impairment. Our major focus is Adults on their Hearing Loss Journey. We represent the longest-running hearing advocacy and consumer advice organisation in Australia. 


Our people: the new National Council & National Board

The National Council (our managing Body) has recently reformed after a turbulent period (read more on the National Council page). Some branches have closed but others have rejuvenated themselves and continue to rebuild themselves to make them more relevant to our communities, adults on their personal Hearing Loss Journey. There are new skills to learn, new strategies to master, new friends to make and your brain to re-train to hear better. There is fun to be had in this adventure, so join us.

Our Patron

Our Patron is a key part of Better Hearing Australia and they have already contributed a lot to the hearing world in the Australia we enjoy today. Read all about the amazing energy and service that some people put in to reduce the disabilities of others.


Addressing Australia’s hearing loss challenge 

We are supporting people with hearing loss by:

  • creating awareness of their specific needs
  • supporting local branches who address meaningful local issues, lipreading classes, research etc
  • advocating for their needs through timely and effective interventions that improve quality of life
  • assisting them to maintain their economic independence and social connectedness.

Our goal is to enhance every person’s wellbeing through developing good communication and life solutions by encouraging their mental, social and physical development, the adaptation and integration of suitable technological solutions and the provision of education, support and advocacy.

PREVIOUS Strategic Plan (might be a bit dated…)

Read our Strategic Plan

PREVIOUS Annual reports (also bit out of date, working on this)

BHA National Annual Report 2017-2018

BHA_National_Annual_Report 2016-2017

BHA National Annual Report 2015-2016

Our National Constitution (2010 is current at June 2023!)

Download the BHA National Constitution Oct 2010

Download the BHA National By Laws Oct 2010