Central Coast Branch, NSW

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Better Hearing Australia, Central Coast Branch, NSW
Central Coast Branch, NSW
The beach at the mouth of the river at the head of the town in the middle of the coast of the state of NSW, where everyone can go listening to the surf, enjoying the wind and shouting over the noise – if their audiologist has done their job…
    Placeholder – Some of the lipreading class from a nearby branch of BHA!

    Where to from here?

    Welcome to the newly revamped Better Hearing Australia (Inc.) website. Join us as we look forward to adapting ourselves to the new normals… more masks, fewer freedoms but more opportunities… All we need is to harness the technological advances of recent times to make our hearing loss journeys better. Some people are avoiding journeys right now because of COVID and lockdowns, but this is a worthwhile journey… Join us on a trip that is easy to take, more exciting to participate in. Crucially, this journey can also be better for those around us who claim to have little hearing loss (“its only the ones who mumble that I have trouble with, you know”).

    Can we make YOUR journey better? Well, its all about relationships, getting help with the tech stuff, and keeping ourselves active. The more you exercise your brain, the better you will perform, and the easier it will be to hear. Lipreading helps, so does the exercise of learning a new language… Learn a few Auslan signs and amuse your friends! Exercise helps of course, and being socially active is important.

    And dont forget that many people today find that just two skills make all the difference: namely a) lipreading and b) captioning (or subtitles if you are watching a show) can completely change things.

    Ask us about how we can make YOUR hearing loss journey one of the better journeys of your life instead of one of the worse ones. Click on the Contact us link above.

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