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Better Hearing Australia, Central Coast Branch, NSW
Placeholder – Some of the lipreading class from a nearby branch of BHA!

Where is a branch near me?

Here is the latest list of Branches and ways to contact them. some open some not. Many of them have special projects that might interest you. If not, feel free to ask if you can help in other ways.

We have had branches all over Australia starting with Sydney in 1932. Here are some of the branches you could join (yes, you COULD join more than one if you really really want!), and just some of the special projects that the local group support in their efforts to ease the effects of hearing loss for those wish to keep cognitively engaged and socially active.

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Some people are avoiding journeys right now because of COVID, uncertainty and the usual unknowns of the future. BUT you must not put off the planning for your HEARING LOSS JOURNEY!

On average people take more than 7 years to decide they need to ’do something’… Dont put it off, stop avoiding social settings and stop saying everyone mumbles!

All we need is to harness a) our brain (by giving it lots of sounds to work with), and b) technology (there have been so many technological advances of recent times). All these will make our hearing loss journeys better.

Remember, this is a worthwhile journey… Join us on a trip that is easy to take, more exciting than ever to participate in. Crucially, this journey can also be better for those around us who claim to have little hearing loss (“its only the ones who mumble that I have trouble with, you know”). Talk to them too.

Many people today find that just two skills and two bits of kit make all the difference: namely a) lipreading skills and your social skills and b) hearing aids with Bluetooth(R) and learning to turn on captioning/sub-titles. These can completely change things.

Ask us about how we can make YOUR hearing loss journey one of the better journeys of your life. Click on the Contact us link above.

Closed Branches

COVID has taken its toll on many volunteer-based groups too. Many of our branches are in need of revitalisation and if you live somewhere that needs a BHA Branch, and wish to help, please say.

Branch —-   Previous contact —-                                                    Date closed

Newcastle. 61 Christo Road, Waratah   2020

Wagga          0413 844 627             2019

South Australia                                                                                  2021

Tasmania                                                                                            2019

Bunbury, WA                                                                                      2021

School of Aural Rehabilitation

School of Aural Rehabilitation (SOAR)
Shona Fennell, 7 Agnes St, SEATON, SA 5023

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