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Better Hearing Australia (National)

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Media Contacts

Mr Andrew Bush  |   Last President elected 2019   | Phone ‭0416 217 571

State Branches

You may also be interested in services and support offered by local Better Hearing Australia organisations. Use the Main Menu above to contact your State Branch to find out more.

We have had branches in all states of Australia starting with Sydney in 1932. Here are some of the branches you could join (yes, you COULD join more than one if you really really want!), and just some of the special projects that the local group support in their efforts to ease the effects of hearing loss for those wish to keep cognitively engaged and socially active.

BRANCH           CONTACT Email                                           Well-known Projects

  • Canberra           Music & Hearing Loss Presentations with CSO 
  • Brisbane                                                                  Audiologist available; NDIS advisors
  • Central Coast    Merniere’s Disease Support
  • Sydney              Lipreading; small branch but with own office
  • Victoria                  SoundFair in Victoria, but they hold a BHA license
  • Western Australia   Qsign Project; Lipreading & Auslan Conversation

Closed Branches

COVID has taken its toll on many volunteer-based groups too. Many of our branches are in need of revitalisation and if you live somewhere that needs a BHA Branch, and wish to help, please say.

Branch —-   Previous contact —-                                                    Date closed

Newcastle. 61 Christo Road, Waratah   2020

Wagga          0413 844 627             2019

South Australia                                                                                  2021

Tasmania                                                                                            2017

Bunbury, WA                                                                                      2021


School of Aural Rehabilitation

School of Aural Rehabilitation (SOAR)
Shona Fennell, 7 Agnes St, SEATON, SA 5023